A little about Globbas

The Globbas are my favorite ginger plants. The pendant blooms on the Globba look so exotic and delicate they take my breathe away. Indeed, some are called dragons and I can see why since the bracts on some are reminiscent of Chinese dragons. Still others refer to them as dancing ladies and the small yellow flowers remind me of a ballerina.

Despite being my favorite ginger and all the care I give them, Globbas account for the highest mortalities in my garden. In fact I can’t think of a single Ginger species suitable for my area that I have lost except for Globbas.

My garden lies beneath the canopies of pecan trees, creating an ideal light situation for Globbas and other gingers.

Still, they are my favorites. I am always looking for new Globbas I haven’t acquired.


   Globba     'Elegant Lace'   
   Globba globulifera       
   Globba magnifica     White Dragon   
   Globba pendula     'Silver Comet'   
   Globba schomburkgii     Dancing Lady   
   Globba siamensis     'Bamboo Leaf'   
   Globba sp.     'Purest Angel'   
   Globba winnitii     Mauve Dancing Girl