A little about Curcumas

Hidden gingers as they are sometimes called, curcumas are perhaps the most widely known ginger. The inflorescence of many curcumas is borne within the wondrously lush vegetation. Most curcumas do best in filtered sun but there are a few varieties that want more light than one would associate with gingers.

The curcuma is a very important cash crop. Curcuma longa is the souce of the spice Turmeric and India is the world’s most important producer of the spice.

I have short Curcumas and tall Curcumas. I also have Curcumas with fat crinkled leaves as well as Curcumas with long thin leaves.


  Curcuma sparganifolia 'Pink Pearls'   
  Curcuma sparganifolia 'Siam Ruby'   
  Curcuma thorelli 'Chiang Mai Snow'   
  Curcuma x 'Rasperry'   
  Curcuma x Sulee Rainbow   

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