A little about Alpinias

Another genus in the Zingiberaceae family is Alpinia. I have a few of them. The smallest Alpinia is about a foot high, whereas the king ginger of my garden is seven feet tall. The Alpinias I have will produce neat blossoms on years after mild winters. Because of that, I generally keep them for the tropical foliage they afford my garden. Any that bloom for me, I consider to be icing on the cake.

The most ubiquitous Alpinia in Houston is perhaps the shell ginger, Alpina zerumbet. There are neat variegated Alpinias and there are some which have blooms synonymous with what many think of as tropical.

I keep my Alpinias where they can get some direct sun and they apreciate getting a daily drink of water.


  Alpinia japonica
  Alpinia nutans
  Alpinia zerumbet