The Rest of the Garden

Life Beyond Gingers

There is more to life in the Ginger Garden than Zingiberales. There are so many of them I can’t squeeze them into my small piece of the world. Since most my garden is shady, I have to limit myself to what will grow in anything from deep shade to only four hours of fierce afternoon sun. There are Australian Violets here as well as Bromeliads. Ivies and Clivias do well here too. There is even a Plumeria enjoying one of the few sunny spots in garden.

Take a look and hopefully you’ll come away with more information than when you came in.


  Aristolochia gigantea  Dutchman's Pipe
  Aristolochia elegans  Dutchman's Pipe
  Aristolochia gigantea  Pelican Flower
  Cosmos sulphureus  Cosmos
  Cuphea llavea  Bat-faced Cuphea
  Cuphea lanceolata  
  Deplanchea tetraphylla  Golden Bouquet Tree
  Mirabilis jalapa  4 o’clock
  Passiflora incense  Passion Flower
  Passiflora alata  

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