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One of the most useful aspects of being online is the access to more information about what you are reading. The different points of view afforded by the diverse presentations of data contribute to a balanced look at whatever you are researching.

My pursuit of growing gingers has given me the pleasure of meeting people who have my interests. These links are only a sample of what is available on the web for the ginger enthusiast.

Zone 9 Tropicals Zone 9 Tropicals has a dizzying array of tropical plants, gingers, aristolochias, and fragrant plants.
Dave Skinner's expansive site about gingers and Costaceae is the premiere site on the subject on the internet. If the species exists, you will very likely find data about it there. Don't miss this site!
Jerry's Jungle Gardens "Jerry's Jungle Gardens is the result of a hobby out of control," and boy did they go off the deep end. All kidding aside, Jerry's Jungle Gardens are massive example of tropical gardening in Houston. The gardens are open to the public a few times a year and by appointment otherwise.
Mercer Arboretum &
  Botanic Gardens
Mercer has over 250 acres of East Texas piney woods showcasing the region's largest collection of native and cultivated plants. A large collection of hardy Zingiberales and hardy tropical are planted at the arboretum.
Montoso Gardens Botanical Garden and online nursery specializing in
exotic tropical fruits, heliconias, gingers,
bromeliads, palms, and other rare tropical plants.