Herbs in the Ginger Garden

There is a spot in my garden which gets enough sun to try a few plants which can be enjoyed in many different ways, herbs. The herbs I grow I use for cooking. I use them in salads, teas, stews and soups. I can use them for broiling meats and fish and I even use them in potpourris. Every herb I have needs full sun and very well draining soil. The quality of the soil is not so important as its ability to drain. I only needed to add a little sand to prep the soil for them.

Not every herb is the same and some require more fertile soil than others. Some will do well in less sun than others. But one thing is certain all of my herbs serve a purpose in my house as well as in my garden. Although I grow herbs which can serve a medicinal purpose, I don’t use any in that way. It is easier, safer and more economical to get standardized preparations from a retailer.


  Echinacea purpurea